[DOWNLOAD] Xenobot Tibia 11.00 + crack official

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[DOWNLOAD] Xenobot Tibia 11.00 + crack official

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[DOWNLOAD] Xenobot Tibia 11.00 + crack official

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XenoBot is a fully-responsive and optimal client modification for Tibia, featuring an arsenal of advanced tools. The software,
which is user-friendly, efficient, flexible and highly secure, works flawlessly on Windows operating systems and does not produce lag.


The cavebot can quickly advance your stats with its many advanced features: evasive stances, target prioritization, scriptability,
a supply refiller, and a loot depositor.

XenoBot provides many advanced tools such as informative xray, full light hack, a mana bar, anti-idle, automatic mount, creature information,
a food eater, and much more!

The scripter provides a plethora of useful functions which users of all skill levels can easily utilize in order to expand and customize

XenoBot, with the help of its support feature, will refill your ammunition, heal your character, and train your magic level. It can also
cure burning, electrification, curse, bleeding, paralyze, and poison, while holding persistence on haste, recovery and invisible.

#Heads Up Display
With ease, the HUD can chart important information such as recent loot, kill counters, spell timers, magic wall timers, damage totals,
experience statistics, and vital percentages.

XenoBot, with the features mentioned here (and countless others: combo bot, summon indentification, trade helper, etc), will always help


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