[Download] Tibia MC 11.00 - All Version

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[Download] Tibia MC 11.00 - All Version

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[Download] Tibia MC 11.00 - All Version

Tibia MC also known as Tibia Multiclient allows you to safely run multiple Tibia Clients without modifying the Tibia client,
keeping your account safe.

#Compatible with Win XP/Win Vista/Win 7/Win 8+
#Tibia MC Preview has been designed to work with all current and new Preview Tibia client releases.
#Place TibiaMC.exe in the Tibia folder. You can find the location by right clicking the Tibia shortcut and
selecting ‘Open file location’. Usually the path is C:\Program Files\Tibia.
#Run TibiaMC.exe each time you would like to load an additional Tibia 10.79 or legacy client. Make sure all clients are closed before
first running it.

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