[Official] iBot Tibia 11.00 + crack download

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[Official] iBot Tibia 11.00 + crack download

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[Official] iBot Tibia 11.00 + crack download

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Key Simulate - Simulate key presses and mouse clicks so that you are still free to use your mouse and keyboard.
Simplicity and Flexibility - Built for both simplicity and flexibility in mind to let you do even the more advanced things at the press of a few buttons or writing of a few words.
Alerts System - A basic integrated Alerts system that display informations such: player on screen, player attacking, creature on screen, items counts, messages, player's capacity, hunt time and etc...
Healing / Mana System - Advanced integrated healing/mana restore system that lets you heal with multiple spells, potions and runes, and can use exact values or percentages.
Script System - Script system that lets you do actions at the press of a button or automatically, based on certain conditions.
HUD - Displays practical information on screen for convenience and to assist you in taking choices during your gameplay.
Check to Enabled - Many features in the iBot are implemented in script so you can just enabled them if you want, but you may also adjust them to your liking.
All The Basics - All the basic things such as equipping ammunition, rings, amulets, picking up loot into backpacks, moving things around inventory, using items, saying things, casting spells, buying and selling items, etc.
Change Floors - Goes up and down ramps, ladders, stairs, rope spots, shovel spots, opens doors, uses sewer grates, etc.
Automatic Refills - Deposits gold and items, refills potions, talks with NPCs and travels with just a few simple script commands.
Saving Time - Has different ways of walking accross caves that may save time by avoiding areas with no monsters spawned.
Settings - May be set up to kill different monsters with a different approach, attack, equipment, spell.
Looting - Advanced looting system, you can choose which items you wanna take and where you wanna put then.
Favorites - Many good options for save and load scripts, like Slots and Favorites.
Custons - May be customized and expanded in many ways using small scripts while also providing support for complex and powerful scripts.


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